Meet the Core Team

Adi, President
I'm a sophomore CS major with a minor in statistics and data science interested in AI/ML and Backend Development! I also enjoy gaming, anime, and community service!
Victoria, Vice President
I’m Victoria, a senior CS major here at UA who’s passionate about creating and using technology to improve our world. I also enjoy reading, yoga, and painting.
Korre Henry, Tech Lead
I'm a junior majoring in CS with a background in systems design and infrastructure. Currently I am interested in Block-Chaining and Cybersecurity. Outside of Tech, I enjoy traveling and hosting/planning various events jamborees.
Liam Wilson, Tech Lead
I'm a sophomore majoring in CS and math interested in healthcare informatics methodologies and general data science. Outside of CS, I'm a specialty coffee enthusiast and play too many video games.
Chelsey Bergmann, Marketing Lead
Hi I’m Chelsey, and I am a CS major interested in software development and product management.  I love dogs, coffee, gaming, and watching the sunset!